Rachel Kincaid


I've worked directly with writers from varying fields for over 10 years, supporting projects from reported journalism to memoir to fiction and multidisciplinary projects. I'm happy to be able to take on a limited number of clients looking for a partner in their creative projects, whether that's line editing and feedback or higher-order guidance and longterm support.


I specialize in creating expertly to-the-point longform writing and copy that connects with the reader as an actual person, not a potential conversion. I'm available to write full length stories, interviews, sponsored content, website copy, branding materials and marketing copy — get in touch with me even if you're not sure what your needs are, and let me help find a solution.

Strategy & Messaging

I've ideated and executed complex campaigns that juggle multiple competing needs and pursued goals like increased engagement, membership, development or direct sales in challenging industry climates.  I'm available as a consultant or freelancer for content strategy, project management, brand development, and messaging guidance. If you're a community or grassroots organization looking for help with strategy & messaging, I'm happy to find a way to work with your budget.


I've taught in both formal higher education environments and community spaces; workshops I teach regularly include developing personal narrative through expressive writing, structuring personal essays with an eye toward publication, and exploring experimental writing processes through lenses like hauntology. If your community organization or institution could benefit from a workshop like this, I'd love to hear from you!


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