Rachel Kincaid


09/30/2023                              $90
Writing is a conversation we have with ourselves — a complicated one full of meaningful silences and long meandering backstories, most of which won't make it into a final draft. Even if those parts aren't visible in the finished project, though, they're crucial to what it becomes. Before it's a product to be consumed, writing is a process of creative exploration and ways of thinking things through.

This class focuses on exploratory writing as a practice and a concrete process, offering pragmatic ways to start developing a body of writing through an exploratory lens and build personal practices around working through ideas, themes and experiences on the page.

Whether there's a specific project you're looking to do some exploratory writing around or you're interested in broadening your toolkit of approaches and practices for writing in general, you'll walk away from this course with new work generated, a set of exercises and practices to continue on your own, and new ways of thinking about developing ideas in writing.

This class is a single four-hour session over Zoom, with one ten-minute break. Recording and transcript will be provided, as well as copies of slides & materials used in class; captions will be available during the session.

If there are other accommodations that would make this class more accessible to you, please reach out and ask! Reduced prices are available for BIPOC — email me for a 25% off coupon code.

Note: this is not a workshop, which means writers will not be receiving formal feedback on their writing, and we will not be sharing work with each other, but will discuss process and co-write.