Rachel Kincaid


Gael is a small Minneapolis-based interior design service run as a family business by a designer son and civil engineer mother.

They brought me in from the brand's inception to work on the brand's voice, customer journey, and content strategy. The goal was to emphasize Gael's accessibility as an affordable online service while maintaining its identity as a refined and high-end experience.

The owners wanted to offer customized, personable packages with one-on-one consultation while making the workflow as sustainable for themselves, a small two-person operation, as possible. They also needed to market their services and build a customer base without spending advertising dollars, and make the case for the value of their offerings during a pandemic-related recession.

I worked with Gael to create a customer onboarding process that identified which package might be a good fit for a customer at multiple points in the journey, and used an Airtable form to capture key information about the client's space upon purchase and prompt them to select a time for a one-on-one consultation.

For social media strategy, we focused on Instagram, a crucial network for people working in aesthetic services and local small businesses.

My content plan prioritized service content, bringing original bite-sized how-tos in grid posts, highlights and stories to build a relationship with an audience who was interested in a more beautiful home but needed practical guidance on how to get there. I also connected the owners to editors in ecommerce and lifestyle spaces and helped them craft service journalism pitches on interior styling and shopping for home goods to help establish them as experts and reach new audiences.